Second Binding

| Saturday, February 28, 2009
Today I finally remembered to kill Attumen for the scope schematic. I invited a guildy to come with so we could kill Moroes as well for a shot at mongoose. We killed him, no luck. The guildy died while I was gouged, as is tradition.

On a whim I asked if he wanted to do MC afterwards, and he said yes. A quit line in gchat brought another person as well. Then someone decided to argue with me about MC being a waste of time and how the enchants are worthless. That wasn't so fun.

We eventually had a fury warrior and hunter, I think marks. And me. We took down everything up to before Garr. Gehennas with no decurse was fine, because we had no heals anyway. Yea, that was a fight that we finished with 10% health.

A few more people joined and then we killed Garr. A bit more trash and then Baron. I threw on healing gear and healed the fury warrior. That was the closest thing we had to a healer until Domo. Baron died. I clicked on the corpse. A rogue got happy about his bindings and suddenly I freaked out. I had not anticipated competition. Fortunately I was able to mention that I had the other binding "oh my god the other binding at last!" The rogue passed to me since I already had the other and he did not. Very very carefully I master looted it to myself and then spent the next ten minutes or so barely able to think or type coherently. I almost skipped Shazzrah.

This made me very glad that I had set ML, because I can totally see the rogue, and myself, mashing need the second it dropped. ML gave us time to chill out, or in my case completely lose it.

We carried on until Domo. Then the warrior switched to his 75 priest for Domo. He got the eye of divinity and that made me feel even better. Then back to the warrior for him and onward to Rag.

Ragnaros with no healers is tricky. I mostly just tried to stay alive and prayed hard that we did not get to sons, since our DPS felt slow. Eventually I got knocked back and fell too many times and had to pop LoH. Then he died. One tank, 6-7 DPS, and no healer... fun times.

I only had three of the ten needed ore and couldn't smelt it, so I gathered upa couple guildies, PUGed a bunch, and did BWL. It went pretty smoothly. I lost all the judgement to another paladin. But at least a guildy warlock got a few pieces of T2 amd I got one ore and the smelting book off the goblin. That's the fix for the constant bugging of the NPC with MC: he drops a book to teach elementium smelting.

Now I can make my own legendaries. :)


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