The Huntard

| Saturday, February 21, 2009
The scene is Utgarde Keep. I'm there on the warrior that I am leveling.

After the second green drops and we roll I happen to notice that the hunter had rolled need on it and it was spirit gear. Same with the previous drop. I comment in guild chat, thinking it's a ninja. Then I inspect the hunter and realize that he's not a ninja: he's an idiot. He was wearing the spirit shoulders which he had just needed. The rest of his gear seemed to be elemental gear.

In the future I should stick to the standard procedure: ask about his gear (sometimes people have a strange item or two because of absolutely terrible luck, respeccing, or a hacked account) and then later make fun of him. But, I deviated. Instead I sent him a tell: "May I offer you some advice on gear?" After no response: "I'd like to help you." Still no response. I tried in party chat, nothing.

I noticed that the DK tank was in his guild and tried talking through him. No luck. He didn't seem to notice either. Sometimes the hunter would say something in all caps like "AWESOME."

The priest in the group sent me a tell, seeming to have similar confusion about the hunter. He concluded that he was ebayed or a farmer. I figured if he was ebayed, fine, I'd still try to help, if only so future groups would be spared some pain.

I failed and was left confused. Why was his gear so terrible? Why would he not respond to tells? Why did his guildy not seem to care? Is there even a God? I fled after two mobs in a three mob pull were left on the healer, and many questions and doubts were left on me.

[edit] Apparently this was the night for stupid people.

Trying to do UK later resulting in the only person near the stone leaving because no one was heading over, despite one person being on the boat between the Tuskarr areas. The boat person then left because they thought everyone else should head over too, apparently no one is worthy of being summoned unless they're already at the summoning stone.

Nexus later on had the priest who apparently lost his dispel button, using mass dispel for single debuffs (or sometimes debuffs that weren't even able to be removed as far as I could tell, not that a spell damage debuff on melee is a big deal) and then went OOM constantly. He told us all to go faster, then went afk in the middle of the rock boss, causing us to wipe. Throughout the run the DK was being generally nubbish, reaching his peak when he started the last boss while the healer was at 50%. We wiped, but might have made it if the priest or paladin would have cleansed the chains.

Then the healer and tankadin left. The hunter left a little bit later, leaving me with the DK. After some LFM for last boss I found a warlock. He told me to invite a mage, and then didn't seem to understand the idea of needing a tank and healer. My explanation that I could tank if we had a good enough healer was apparently too complex for him. After a few minutes he got impatient and said he would tank with his felguard while we got another person. I explained that there was nothing to tank except the boss. He then got mad at me for inviting him to a cleared instance. Meanwhile the DK repeatedly asked if we could do it with 3 people, after we'd wiped with 5 which included a healer and proper tank. I left after the warlock started demanding a reset.

No I am not at all frustrated. Why would I be frustrated? I mean, it's not as if I asked my level 80 friend to help with the last boss (he has a holy paladin, so I could have tanked it) and he responded by going afk again. And hey, I've not been trying to get into groups all day as fury, only to find that everyone is specced for DPS (I suppose I'm not helping). Maybe tomorrow I can finish the Nexus quests. Or I can waste a lot of time and get mad.


Pangoria Fallstar said...

Kids. Sometimes silent ones like that are little kids. I've noticed a few times, they don't look at the chat often. And it's behavior similar to my friends kids when they play. I'm talking about 6-7 years old here.

My son is 5, his warlock is 14, so it's not much of a stretch :P

All I can say is better luck next time.

Unknown said...

Oh my, I'm sorry about your lack of luck.

Pangoria has a point that it may have been a young kid... but I would also suggest it may have been a much older adult. I don't mean that with any sort of offense at all. My parents both play and started recently. My dad doesn't always read chat because there's a lot of other things he has attention on. He doesn't always respond to me, his own daughter! ;)

But yeah, it quite possibly could be someone that "acquired" the account or could be a newer player. With the quicker leveling these days, it is entirely possible that it's someone who is still a newbie. When I think back to my first toons and their gear/talents as I was learning the game... yeesh /shudder


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