| Wednesday, April 16, 2008
All my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay...

Yesterday was like a loot fiesta. I started the day by flying up to Area 52 and getting the S3 chest. I stuck the +20 ap gem from killing Kael'thas in there along with a pair of blue str/crit gems. After Gruul died I had 150 badges and got a shiny new badge axe.
Both still need enchants; I'm thinking of +6 stats and mongoose.

This morning I got a Red Belt of Battle crafted. Now I'm a little over the hit cap, but not enough that it's in the realm of wasted stats. I put a regen/AP gem in it and will be putting str/crit in the other socket. I'm very obsessive about getting socket bonuses but didn't want to get a str/stam gem. Some regen is nice since I have none on my gear.

My next goal is to get the AP PvP trinket. I'm at just under 14k, so I have a ways to go. 30k is a lot, but it's a nice trinket.

Aggro seems to be a problem for me now. I'm not totally used to DPS and the need to watch aggro. I've been prot for a long time. I died on Gruul either from passing the second tank or because he was out of position. That was not fun. Then on Mag I was creeping up and up to the MT. My aggro problems were fixed by getting knocked into a cleave. Getting back up with no buffs was not so good for my DPS. Still, I finished pretty well and it's not as if my personal DPS is all that matters. I might get to stay ret, or be forced, if I keep doing well.

Good times.


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