Drop rates, respawns, and obnoxious abilities

| Sunday, April 6, 2008
I like the new zone. The quests are pretty neat. I especially like the quest to burn the sails and then land on the deck and start killing reservists. That just feels badass. The scroll to port to Shattrath is great too.

Ignore that the complaint section is longer than the happy part. It's about quality, not quantity, the complaints aren't major enough to overcome the cool parts of the zone.

I don't like a few other aspects of the zone though. Naga need to drop keys more often. Much, much more often. There are dozens of people trying to get the quest done to make the anvil, but it's really hard when the drop rate is so bad. The slow respawns don't help either, they make us into jerks, rushing around for tags. Devourers are a pain in the ass. Who thought their mana tap should drain almost 1.5k? That's not a challenge or an interesting ability, it's just a irritation for casters. The distraction at the dead scar is annoying too. The flight is pretty long and competition is heavy. Making some mobs take multiple hits causes a lot of frustration.

I really like how the sparks for the hellfire quest are able to gain from other players' kills. That reduces the obsession with tagging everything the second it spawns and helps get the spark charged faster.

Jumping back a year... Karazhan still has way too much trash. Why is there so much trash? Does Blizzard not understand how annoying it is to spend the majority of time killing trash instead of bosses? Why did they not learn their lesson in MC?


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