Let us not be wasteful

| Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Look at all that health and mana that our enemies have! Why be wasteful? Defenders of the Light should know how to use evil things for better purposes, to purify them, to turn the materials of the enemy to a better cause. Where do you think the Ashbringer came from?

I am of course suggesting that seals and judgements be changed into drains. JoL would obviously need a massive nerf, it would be a gigantic DPS boost if it kept the same value but was a drain. Either way, this would be a pretty significant damage buff.

In PvP JoW would finally give paladins a way to even the tables a bit against things like mana burn, viper sting, and mana drain. We'd still lose mana, but we could at least retaliate. It could be the MS for ret, except it wouldn't be a carbon copy of MS like that silly buff to flametongue.

While we're on the subject of Awesome, thanks to the gimping of other DPS due to cube-clicking on Mag, I ended up second next to a rogue. I can only imagine the incredible destruction that would result by me having WF totem and unleashed rage. Sadly, my guild seems to have no shamans. We had literally zero shamans in the raid. I also got a Glaive of the Pit. I can't decide if I want to use it over Gorehowl, especially given the cost of gemming and enchating it, but it definitely looks cool.

On the subject of waste and DPS, what's with the new badge gear? I'm not a crit-addict and I do like to have some extra health, but wow, who itemized that... poop? Strength and haste are great, but I'd end up crit-starved with that stuff. There is a ton of stam on it, which explains the lack of other stats like crit, or even hit. Also someone seems to have gotten confused and thought prot paladins needed large amounts of spell hit. Sure it scales, but the point at which it out-threats spell damage is something absurd, like ten million spell damage.

I'm split on getting the badge axe. The DPS is significantly higher than my Gorehowl. The AP would end up about the same, slightly lower with kings, but nowhere near enough to offset the weapon DPS. I'd gain crit. Haste would be nice to have since SoB scales so well and it is indirectly more regen. But I don't like the total lack of stam. I don't like the thought of losing 51 stam in PvP.


Lukian said...

Regarding the Badge Axe, it's a clear-cut choice for me due to mace/sword skill expertise racial. :)

Time for another Gruul's PUG tomorrow for a shot at Hammer of the Naaru.

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