Tanks, don't forget to repair

| Thursday, April 24, 2008
We downed Lurker tonight, my first time ever. It was really fun. Nothing I cared about dropped unless you count the warrior tanking mace. Since I'm not even prot and it's not much use for paladins anyway, I let the warriors fight over it. They gave no entertainment, passing it to one guy. Lame.

Hydross died after two attempts, also my first time ever fighting him. Our frost tank's weapon broke on our second to last transition. Since I already have to hold back to keep from pulling, the sudden drop to zero aggro generation took me by surprise. I got some nice footage of the last few percent and the floor. The tanking trinket dropped, a holy paladin and fury warrior rolled. They get laughed at and it went to a prot paladin.

All in all it was a fun night. I got four badges. My repair bill was only 10g, so coin drops might have compensated. I am irritated with one of our enhancement shamans. First he refused to drop totems, then he refused to drop WF (with a tankadin, fury warrior, me, and a hunter), and he blamed it on RL stuff. That's a really shitty excuse to play badly, for reasons which I'm sure I'll rant about later.

I feel like I should repeat the fun night part since I kinda went downhill after the first time.

Oh yea, I also got Ravager from Herod in SM Armory. That should be fun on AoE pulls.


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