The Truth about Keyloggers

| Sunday, March 30, 2008
Selling gold, selling accounts, those are just fronts for something far more sinister. They provide a source of income, letting them focus on the real project.

It is a fact that all this spamming, keylogger, and account-stealing is done with the full support of the Chinese government. Why? Because it annoys the crap out of Americans. That's right, gold spam is one of many Chinese plots to annoy us.

How stupid does someone have to be to expect "sex and beautiful woman" posted for the 50th time to actually have pictures of sex and beautiful woman? That's the whole point. Any chump can reel in a few thousand packets of personal information by hacking a website or sending out scam emails. The real thrill and amusement is in seeing people fall for the really stupid stuff.

Keyloggers are the exiled Nigerian princes of the WoW forums.

But we can fight back. The keylogging and spamming, despite what e might think, is NOT done by bots. It's done by real people. We can use this to our advantage. This is an opportunity to send propaganda directly to individual Chinese citizens. So next time you see a gold spammer, stand right by him and in simple English explain the many problems with China, especially the misdeeds and failings of the government. Before long the agent will be converted and will sabotage the computers used for the plot before fleeing to Taiwan and eventually seeking asylum in America. This is a victory for freedom.

This also has the benefit of bringing those super-efficient farmers to the US where we can recruit them into our guilds and never again have to worry about farming before raids.


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