Invisibility vs. Stealth

| Monday, March 3, 2008
These are a classic example of people not understanding game mechanics. They are totally different from each other. They are also not at all the point of this post.

I've run into an invisible cap on my progression. I suspect this is a problem for many people.
I'm in a guild that farms Karazhan and Gruul's Lair. We are trying to learn Magtheridon, but we are having attendance problems. The leadership is, to put it bluntly, very weak and not very knowledgeable about game mechanics, nor do they show much desire to learn more. Since I don't imagine we're going to get anywhere soon, I've become part of the problem, not playing my paladin much anymore.

This is the invisible cap. From what I can see, a guild can either get past Gruul or they can't and time will not fix that. They either have the leadership and people to wipe for a few hours a night, a few times a week, and figure it out; or they don't. Nerfing it might fix this, but I'm not sure it's really a solution. It seems a little odd to tune content beyond the majority and then gradually nerf it down for them. Why not just tune it for them in the first place and save a lot of development time? Arguably it's to slow down the top guilds so they don't leave too soon. But they finish anything ahead of them in days or weeks. Besides, are their few percent of subscriptions worth the time and money required for the constant retuning of encounters?

But to get back to the cap, it's not just a limit caused by individuals. I believe that I have the skill and patience to go beyond Gruul. But it's hard to get the chance. As I said before, a guild either can or cannot get past Gruul. If they can, they've been past for months. They are now beyond in in not only content, but also gear. Why would they want to recruit someone who is undergeared compared to the rest of them? This is not to say my gear is bad. I'm overgeared for Kara and Gruul is little challenge anymore. But I'm not in a position to leapfrog.

So here I sit, stuck in a guild that can't get past Gruul. It makes me wish that months ago I'd been more aggressive in finding a guild and run with better players; maybe now I'd been in SSC, TK, or even BT. Or I'd end up in the exact same place because the reality is that I'm actually just mediocre and I only think I'm good. I wish there was a noob-o-meter that I could try, see where I am.


Tatumli said...

Just a point:

Be aggressive. Especially if you're a healer. You'd be amazed how high you can hop with only willingness to commit and good phrasing.

On my mage, not a very needed class, I was able to jump from pre-kara to a guild 3/6 SSC, because I figured out what they wanted to hear in an applicant, and I'd crafted gear.

Basically, be aggressive. Look for a guild that needs pallies.

Then my rules:
Treat app like a job app. Take it seriously, spell correctly, look intelligent.

Contact guild members, but not too much. Make sure they KNOW you're VERY interested.

If you get a chance, bring all consumables to the first 2-3 runs. First impressions are invaluable.

Read up on fights. Knowing strats beforehand makes you look good.

Craft any gear that is an upgrade.

Get factions to where you need them.

Anything you can do, do. And reach. You might not make it, and if you don't try again. But it's possible.

One last thing: Once you've hit a good guild, don't try to climb again. It generally has bad results.

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