Nerfs as Buffs

| Monday, March 31, 2008
Earlier I suggested nerfing classes to force them to play better. The recent changes to AV seem to support my idea that nerfs rather than buffs are the solution to perceived weakness.

At least in my battlegroup the Horde is awful at AV. AB and EotS (I refuse to do WSG) are like free honor and tokens for us. But AV was pretty much the opposite unless we somehow end up in a two hour reinforcement battle.

Our cave got moved back. Way back. This should have made us lose more, right? We win more. All the time. Why? Pushing our cave back forced us to see that an offensive zerg rush was not a winning strategy. Now we have defenders at the choke point who can hold the Alliance for most of the game. Eventually the Alliance will zerg their way through, but we can buy more than enough time for the offense.


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