Dragonhawk Down

| Monday, March 31, 2008
It only took way too many tries. I was inventive in finding ways too die.
1) Not knowing what bombs look like
2) Not being able to see bombs due to 10000000000000 dragonhawks filling my screen
3) Tunnel vision
4) So many debuffs that the healers couldn't keep up anymore.
Eventually I learned that the bombs are really easy to avoid and that I can bubble out of the debuff when switching sides.

Unfortunately I accidentally doomed my guild. I passed on the shield to a warrior since it was a much bigger upgrade for him. Every time I do something nice, something bad happens. When I let people roll against me for enchanting formulas I lose the roll and eventually they leave the guild. Engineering schematics are lost to warriors which then go on to ninja everything they can. Passing on the stopwatch made it never drop again and the guild eventually disband. So I know that something bad will happen now.

I apologize to Faith for this cruel destiny that I have created.


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