| Friday, February 6, 2009
Or my accurately: my warlock.

I think I've gotten a bit bored with my usual routine:
1) Do a heroic now and then.
2) Get annoyed at the lack of drops.
3) Kill Southsea pirates.
4) Mope.
5) Do a few dailies, don't repeat for at least a couple days.

I'm going to try playing my warlock for a bit again. That's what I did last time I got bored and it worked very well, I played my paladin again. :P No no, I'm not saying my warlock is/was bad. She's a lot of fun. But I'm more comfortable being able to tank, wearing plate, on a carebear server, with my guild. Well, my warlock is guilded, but I assume that's because they don't do much housekeeping so my log in every 3 months or so is sufficient.

Anyway, I'd wanted to talk about my impressions of warlocks now. Keep in mind this is pretty much changes since oh... 2.4? My warlock saw very little play in BC, just enough to get to 70 and get T4 gloves, that's about it. So I'm very out of date.

Affliction: No clue. Frankly it scares me. Why? I'm on a PvP server. I don't like being distracted fighting mobs, I just want boom boom dead oh look shamans dropping from the sky. This is based on a true story.
Demonology: A lot of these talents got a lot less bad. Overall I still like the feel, but I don't have any interest in metamorphosis. I'm currently using this because on a PvP server, or just for leveling in general, there are advantages to mobs staying 30 yards away.
Destruction: I'm very happy with how fire because a sort of sub-spec for warlock. Or it's the good way to play now. I have no clue. I just like how the tree supports fire a lot more. After a couple years of shadow bolt spam, it's nice.

Soul fire has no cooldown anymore. That's pretty nice. BIG BOOM OVER AND OVER BOOM.
Fel armor: Constant health regen is really nice. It makes health our mana/5, which I think is what we should have be going towards for a long time, seeing as health was always our big thing. The spirit->SP is cool I suppose, helps us use 'normal' cloth gear.
Shadow bolt: The imp SB buff is now on ourselves, like shadow priests. This is so much awesome for trash or grinding since mobs aren't like to survive for four hits anyway.
Blah blah blah, I have to go kill stuff, so I'll wrap it up.

My warlock doesn't feel significantly different, which I think is a good thing. Instead, just better.

In PvP news, while doing pre-reqs for Nexus quests I got attacked by a 77+ shaman (skull with flying). I died rather fast. I rezed and noticed him running from a druid. He started healing and I decided to advance the cause of righteousness (What I really mean is that I saw an opportunity for revenge). Death coil interrupted the heal, then I threw on a fear and started shadow bolting. The druid finished him off. Then I felt good. The druid then stalked me a bit, or escorted depending on your perspective, and I didn't see the shaman again. Add on the fury warrior that I caught at 50% health and busy and it was a decent night for PvP, at least for a carebear. :)

P.S. The first mob I skinned in Northrend gave arctic fur.


Unknown said...

Although my warlock is now on a PvE server, I did level her to 70 on a PvP server. To be honest, I loved Affliction. I've always been spec'ed affliction. Insta dots are great, especially as you are entering into open PvP combat.

And there is nothing like dotting up a druid as they hover too close to you in flight form and watch them fall from the sky. *cackle*


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