Naxx 10

| Wednesday, February 25, 2009
I finally managed to get into raiding again. Last night I'd intended to be on in time for the start of the guild Naxx 25. That failed. I blame my friends. But I decided to not give up and jumped into LFG for Naxx 10 along with either VoA. I got an invite to a Naxx 10 which was mostly a single guild, they just needed an OT.

Short version: I got a few pieces of gear, most of it went very fast, near 4H there was a constant stream of fail.

We started out with Patchwerk, missing the achievement by around 15 seconds. Grobbulus was easy times, though I did die for my first time ever on the way over due to Frogger. Gluth was easy enough, though taunting didn't seem to work properly. I'd taunt and nothing would happen, RD and nothing, and by then I think the MT was getting nervous before taunt came up again. I got the T7 shoulders which later became my new holy shoulders (we were doing offspec rolls). Thaddius was pretty easy and as fun as I remembered.

I can't remember if we did spider or plague next, I think spider. We decided to go for the achievement, so we skipped looting until the last boss was down. First boss went well, which was good because I was worried about screwing it up, having not done it since I was 70; though I did have to bubble to taunt when I got caught in locust swarm. A pat caused us to wipe while doing Faerlina trash (pulled the boss), but we got back up fairly quickly. At the end we did manage to down Maexxna in time, giving me the achievement for both clearing the wing and the speed one at the same time.

Plague was similarly swift. Noth was fairly easy, though there was some brief swearing when the RL noticed that we had no decurse, though maybe the resto shaman took care of it. Heigan was easy enough; though my dancing wasn't perfect, I didn't die, someone else did though, so no achievement. Loatheb was simple as usual.

Death knight wing was strange compared to 25. Razuvious was totally different. Rather than tanking extra adds I was tanking the boss himself, with my own add. For Gothic, I've never done live side on 25, but on 10 it seemed boring, very predictable and easy where 25 dead side was hectic and exciting.

Then it all went downhill. A healer had to leave, then it took a while to find a replacement. We wiped on some trash, and then again. We replaced another healer and the rogue chain-disconnected for the rest of the night. 4H didn't go well. First I wasn't tanking in the right place, not close enough to the corner, and the other tank was a little close as well, so we had stacks doubling. The druid healer didn't seem to be healing me enough. Maybe I don't know the fight properly, since it didn't seem to be like the back where I fake being a healer, I was still tanking, though in a low-aggro mode of JoL/SoL with SS and heals when I could afford them. Maybe the druid wasn't supposed to be healing me much, but either way, I kept dying. Eventually we called the raid, to finish up on Sunday.

Overall it was a good night. I got new tanking boots from Noth, a belt from Razuvious (though I can't wear it in raids due to the defense loss), and T7 shoulders for holy.


Stabs said...

Might be the meteor

Your dps and healers in your corner need to stack on you when you tank the fiery horseman

It's like those mobs at the end of Arcatraz

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