Look, a birthday post

| Tuesday, February 3, 2009
As per social demand, I am making a post to declare that it is my birthday. I am now officially one year older, having aged very rapidly overnight.

My shaman got the cake all to himself, mostly because he was all alone. He even had to make it himself.

Poor guy. He received no presents.

My paladin got a sort of non-gift. The goblins of Ratchet will no longer attempt to shoot me when I go near them. In fact they have offered me a quest. I have delayed completing it to go kill more Southsea pirates.


Anonymous said...

As someone, somewhere might say, "Congrats on surviving another year!"

but I'll just say Happy Birthday!


Unknown said...

And I'll gratz on your ding.

I mean... Happy Birthday! :)


WTFspaghetti said...

happy belated BROTHER

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