Partial shapeshifting

| Wednesday, March 13, 2013
By some means give druids the ability to shapeshift partially.  If they retain more of their non-animal form, then they can display armor and weapons.  This would be purely cosmetic, with no effect on stats.  It would make transmogrification relevant for druids.  Full shapeshifting would remain for those who prefer it.


Kring said...

Something like the Glyph of Stars?

Klepsacovic said...

That's the right direction, but taken farther. I'm picturing something a bit like worgen form, partly-human, partly wolf, and wearing clothes.

Rubel said...

I bet we see this in the (will it ever happen?) World of Darkness MMO. IIRC, the werewoves in the pen and paper game had fun gradients to their possible mixtures of wolf and man.

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