It's time to stop warning us about BoP

| Friday, January 18, 2013
This warning does not protect us from anything.  Once upon a time it helped loot get to the right people, preventing accidental pickups.  Because of the two hour trading timer that protection is no longer needed.  When soloing this warning is without purpose.

In the meantime, the BoP warning only harms us.  It takes time.  It distracts.  It can cause you to lose items.

"This item will bind when picked up" was once a useful piece of information.  No longer.


Dàchéng said...

This is a VERY important warning for me. If I roll on a BoP item, it will be to disenchant it. If I roll on a BoE item, it will be to auction it (so I roll greed instead of DE).

Assuming, of course, that I'm not going to wear it myself.

Psynister said...

While I can agree with you to a point, I'm going to have to disagree overall. The warning has been great for me in terms of helping my guildies get their starting gear with items like the trinkets and necks especially from the treasures of whatsit things this expansion. When I find one of the rare items that has spawned, I can click to loot it but not confirm it, and then nobody else can touch the item until I cancel which allows me to wait for the guild member to arrive and loot it from me.

Is it annoying? Yeah, for the most part it is. However, that doesn't mean it's a complete waste. Personally, I hate binding all together even though I do see the reasons for it. I would love to see some of the binding rules further relaxed or changed a bit, though.

Klepsacovic said...

The item displayed in the roll already says if it's BoP or BoE. Are you saying you hit greed, then if it warns you, hit no and switch to DE?

Shift-click or turning off auto-loot allows you to look in boxes without taking everything inside.

Anonymous said...

I think psynister means that for the time that he has the yes/no dialog box on his screen, the item is locked and nobody not even other players can loot the sparkly world item. (Consider, for example, finding the Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick in Jade Forest, and locking it down while calling for a guildmate to hustle to the mine and loot it.)

Klepsacovic said...

That sounds rather like an exploit.

Bernard said...

Some minor inconvenience vs hundreds of thousands of GM tickets because people 'pressed the wrong' button...

Anonymous said...

That BoP warning always killed me in the Gurubashi Arena, of course I want to loot the damn trinket!

Klepsacovic said...

@Bernard: But there's no wrong button to press. The warning does nothing except waste time.

@Anonymous: Are you sure?

Bernard said...


It takes a second for you to acknowledge the warning.

It takes 5-10 (?) mins for a GM/helpdesk agent to restore an item that was bound by accident.

Kring said...

Rolling need on an item should require filling out a captcha. That would make it even less likely that you click on yes by accident. And filling out a captcha is only a few seconds. Well justified tradeoff. :)

Klepsacovic said...

@Bernard: What item can be bound by accident? Soloing, nothing, it's all mine. In a group we can trade. From vendors we can sell back.

Let's imagine that this does serve a useful purpose and sometimes people "accidentally soulbind" item. How often? It would need to happen every 1 in 600 (10 min x 60) times we get that warning. Note that in a 5-man, a single boss kill is 5 events; in a 25-man it goes up to 25 events per kill.

Beside all that, to call it just a second is leaving out important details. If it's a container, then I'm stuck in place for that second. In groups, during fights, it's a distraction. As a useless warning it adds to the tendency to just hit okay on anything that pops up.

@Kring: Add one of those things where it pops out a bunch of code that you have to copy-paste and you've got a good system.

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