From ignorance of the past comes blissful tolerance of change

| Monday, January 7, 2013
People tend to dislike change.  I suspect it is because deep down, we all know that change means entropy and the gradual death of the universe, all life, and all meaning.  But what if we don't realize the change happened?

If we don't realize that anything changed, will we get mad?  I doubt it.

This brings me to my paladin. I know something changed from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria.  I know this because I logged in the day of the patch and was very confused and a bit annoyed.  Yet now I couldn't quite tell you what changed.  Pressed for details I might cite abilities from Wrath of thew Lich King, thinking that something is similar, though no quite sure what.

In this confusion, in this forgetfulness, I have lost my customary ability to be enraged over what were surely intolerable changes to my chosen class.


nestfluff said...

I could tell you what changed, but I'll spare you. Mostly the changes were positive -- I actually LIKE ret now, and would happily play prot if I hated people less. And hey you're doing fine now.

Coreus said...

I'm really glad you're playing WoW again. I love reading your rants.

I was mad that they took like eight baseline prot warrior abilities and made them all glyphs or talents so I got to choose three.

Klepsacovic said...

@nestfluff: Hammer of the Righteous can be used by ret! A grand betrayal of a... buff. Oh. Nifty.

@Coreus: I'm glad to be ranting again.

I'm actually fairly happy with the paladin talents. I love having repentance on my tank. Of my hunter and my mage that I've played with a little, I am happy with neither; they just seem like absurd messes. For example, the mage talents are still fire/frost/arcane, despite the specializations being the same. It just feels weird that a frost mage is then taking fire talents.

My annoyance is that most levels seem unrewarding now. A talent point each level or every other gave some little boost.

JUDGEMENT! That's what they ruined!

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