Mists of Pandaria is an abomination, unworthy to be called a WoW expansion: Proof inside

| Friday, January 4, 2013
Gourmet Kafa

A poop quest.  Of course.  All expansions must have them.  In one, we ate the results.  It was as it should be.

Then Mists of Pandaria comes along and just ruins everything.  All that is proper in the world of World of Warcraft is undone, destroyed, thrown out, as if it were nothing.  But it is everything.  Or was.

Gentlemen, ladies, ungentlemen, younger males, younger females, and females of less-than-reputable standing, I have a terror for you:

I won't ask you to gather it--kind of a mussy task, not fit for hero-- just mark it so we can find it easily when the mountain is safe again.

I thought it would be the kung fu panda that ruined WoW.  I was wrong.  It is the dung poo not-in-handa.


Celendus said...

...You came up with that last line first and wrote the article around it, didn't you?

Klepsacovic said...

That last bit actually was written last.

Anonymous said...

There's also a poop quest in hordeside Jade Forest; it involves an outhouse and flinging poop bombs at wandering fishmen.

Clara said...

The poop quest in Jade Forest explicitly has a goblin collecting it for you. Because its not right for you to do that where the general would see you. You only fling methane bombs later.

I actually was super pleased to run into both of these quests and NOT have to get my hands dirty given how they have made everything into unavoidable chains.

Anonymous said...

'Pooped' daily for cloud serpents!

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