Reason to Kick: dc

| Monday, July 30, 2012
A dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets...

It was a lie.  I think we all knew that.  But what was I supposed to say?  Time was short and we needed results.  The clock was ticking.  Two clocks, one up, one down.  The count up was to act and the count down was for him to act.  Tick tock.

Combat?  Yes.  Still combat.  Not any more.  Time was short because he was itching to get into it again and if he got it again, we'd be out of time.

I panicked.  I lied.  I acted.  I ain't sayin I was the good guy or even a good guy.  Not then.  No one was then.

But dammit, the tank just would not slow down.  No looting.  Skipping all the quests.  Zone in and off to the races.  Not the listening sort.  We struggled to keep up.  I panicked and talked to the goblin, just in time, because if we didn't blow that door, then it would all come to a grinding halt.

I acted.  I called for a vote kick on the tank.  I said "dc".  We knew it was a lie.  I voted of course.  So did my friend, the healer.  And someone else.  I bet it was the DPS warrior.

All the evidence fit.  Like me, he needed the quests.  He knew we didn't need the spare tank.  He might have been duel-wielding, but he knew what to do.  He knew how to throw heroically.  He let the hunter pull when the pull was a tricky mess waiting to happen.  I'd have invited him to the guild if he weren't a million servers away.  I settled for a compliment on his tanking.

Achievement: Zul'Farak.  And a hunter weapon.


Anonymous said...

DC stands for 'doesn't care'?

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