Can you keep a secret?

| Monday, July 9, 2012
I know the way around Blackrock Depths.  Not with a map, at least not one on the screen or printed.  Nor do I just know where things are.  I know where they are, how to get there, how to get there from here, or anywhere, where to start and end, and where to do anything.

But can you keep a secret?  I think so.  I've shown dozens of people, maybe hundreds.  Somehow no one ever told.  Maybe they didn't see, despite walking right through.  Maybe that's why: they just walked right through.

I told them there was a ghost and all they had to do was die.  A small price to pay to talk to a ghost, especially when you can come right back.  Only a few listened.  They all came back.  I was glad they did.  Maybe some of them learned.

Yet I never saw them tell.  I showed up they never told.  I told Doone that secrets cannot be kept.  I realized that I was wrong.  I had a secret and I couldn't not keep it.  I tried and tried and no one else got it.

The secret may have died with BRD.  It got chopped up and automated and unlocked and teleported.  There aren't many secrets left.  It wasn't the internet that killed the secret, because it never told.  It wasn't the player either, try as I did.  Instead it was the game designer who killed it.  He made no secrets and he told us them all anyway.  There was nothing left to not tell.

But I still know.

And I'm not telling anymore.  Not to you anyway.


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