Playing Vicariously is the Best

| Wednesday, July 4, 2012
A couple of my friends started playing WoW again.  One is new to the game, though not to MMOs, while the other had played WoW before but obviously was not as awesome as me.  This has resulted in many questions and requests for advice.

Pardon my lack of French to hide the profanity, but fuck yea!

I get to play all the fun parts of WoW.  I get to think about class builds and roles.  I get to join in the trash-talking of noobs in randoms.  I get to strategerize on the auction house and think about farming techniques.  I get to do all the abstract stuff that makes it all so fun.

I don't have to look for a guild, wait for afk players or flight paths, or bleach my brain after 15 seconds of Barrens or trade chat.  No one can ever ninja from me, gank me, or in any way annoy me, unless my friends ask too many dumb questions (for the last time, the bunnies do not feel pain and do not drop leather, so you're wasting your time).  I don't have to worry about how much gold I have, what my reputation is, or how good my gear is.

In short, I get to do all the stuff I enjoy and nothing I don't.

Of course I don't get any of the little rewards such as the little bit of rep from a mob or justice points for slogging through another random.  I don't get any epic loot or achievements.  That may be the best part of all.  There is no temptation, no compulsion to play when it isn't fun.


Though I do miss tanking...


Coreus said...

OMG TANKING IS THE BEST you should come back and tank stuff. The game treats you like royalty and the people have to as well. It's awesome!

Wait for Mists though.

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