A Sermon

| Monday, April 23, 2012
Stand in the fire.  STAND IN THE FIRE!  In the fire!  Yes I said it and I know they say you shouldn't do it and you shouldn't but this time, this one time, stand in this fire for I have some words for you.

The Jews have their week and the Christian have theirs and we have ours.  We have our Tuesday.  And on that down, server down to server up, we rest.  Yes we rest!  Rest ye weary souls, for the raids are starting again.  Refresh yourselves.  On this day of rest the locks are reset and a new World is opened to you.  Rest well.

But do not grow complacent!  Never!  For you do not know the hour in which the server will return.  No one knows!  Thus it is written upon the forums in the divine text of blue: SOON!  Be ready.

What do we do when we know the servers are going down, as if we did not always know?  What do we do?  We rush.  We try to get it all done.  A long week, too short for our lazy characters.  Valor uncapped, LFR undone, and your guild will not respect your reputation gain when you're so low.  Oh it is the life, the life indeed.  You wait and say you have all week and then the hour is upon ye and you rush to get it all done and do you succeed?  With luck, with the blessing of the random number generator.  But ask not for such such blessing for you have not EARNED it.

They rush to the auction house like hyenas after the scraps, eager for the low bids which will have no competition with a server down.  They are the last rats to jump off the ship, plundering your auctions as they go.  And yet, why?  Why would you do that?  Learn To Auction!  Tuesday afternoon is no time for a 24 hour auction.  Oh no. It is TOO LATE.  And yet, too early.  For the hyena rises early and he will be there when the server returns, waiting to strike.

Hyenas.  And yet it is the LION, the supposedly noble one who steals the kill.  You're a lion and if you say you're not you're lyin'!  The lazy lion you are.  A week?  You failed the week.  But the day, did you fail that too?  Did you do your daily quests?  Did you do your random?  Or did you sit by and say "I have many hours in the day"?  Hours turn to days and days to the week.

Rest your souls.  Unburden yourself of your sins, for while they are of great weight, they are as lost as you.  A new week is upon us and let us celebrate it for the opportunity it brings.




LifeDeathSoul said...

hmmm it is strange though, my previous Guildmaster used to spam the AH on monday nights with 48 hour auctions to catch the early birds on wednesday morning/tuesday afternoons. He told us that it was the best way to actually make money since his auctions will be the only ones that are available.

Bronte said...

Except on the EU realms it is Wednesday! So we get an extra day! Muhahahaha!


Klepsacovic said...

@LifeDeathSoul: Interesting idea. It depends on how much of a price gain you can get from the monopoly, relative to the extra cost of having auctions running while servers are down, plus the problem that there just aren't a ton of people online then.

@Bronte: Europeans get an eight day week? That's outrageous. I guess that explains where the daylight savings time hours go...

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