Musical maladies

| Thursday, February 11, 2010
The Pugnacious Priest was awesome enough to create music from shadow priest DPS. Well, I learned that I don't know how to use garageband very well, so I'm having a hell of a time getting it in. So I did what I usually do in these situations: got frustrated and then got distracted.

I decided to take a crack at a death knight instead. Their rotations make some sense to me. I picked frost because well, it's the best spec. I ended up with five notes: icy touch, plague strike, blood strike, obliterate, and frost strike. Trying to put these onto a piano yielded a semi-listenable sound. Icy touch was a high note, while obliterate was the lowest. I will have to tweak that, perhaps move some spells away from the piano. It did sound kinda neat when I put it on a bass, but that may have just been due to reduced ability to hear it.

As I find more time I'm going to keep working on this. My eventual hope is to have every class-spec combination mapped out more or less on the same scale so that any note would correspond to a spell. Then I want to put them together and see what a raid sounds like. My guess: terrible.


Keredria said...

What an awesome idea! I'd love to hear what a raid sounds like. If you figure out how to use garageband, let me know. I have it as well but am totally clueless about it.

Bri said...

I was thinking more on this. Walk with me a moment ..

Imagine a utility that parses a combat log to create a garageband-like MIDI soundtrack. Now remember the blind scientist from "Contact", listening to the signals, and imagine being able to listen to this soundtrack and recognizing how a fight progresses based on it.

Useful? Probably not. Coolness factor? Off the scale..

Eversor said...

Interesting idea. I think I tend to think of the music that would be created more as sections rather than individual notes. I think the tank would be the rhythm section, drums or bass. The dps would them be the melody which would vary by class. As you said you had notes for the dk. Heals I could see as light melodic notes coming in over the piece....would actually be pretty cool. My daughter is a garage band whiz...maybe I could get her to look at it....i can only imagine the look she'd give me...ha ha!

Klepsacovic said...

@Keredria: My big breakthrough came from command-click to create a new 'loop' and then displaying the editor (double-click) so I could directly add notes using command-click. Based on this rudimentray knowledge, I declare myself a garageband master.

@Bri: A combat log extract; I bet that's doable. Way easier than my trying to map 1.5 second theorycrafted rotations with normal sheets.

@Eversor: She would laugh at you about a video game? Tell her I am angry at her and she should feel bad. No dessert for a week.

Eversor said...

I know right!!! Damn kids. I understand now why so many animals eat their young!

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