I died a lot

| Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Monday afternoons are not a very good PUG raiding time.

I decided to do the weekly on my DK. It's Ignis. Shouldn't be too bad on ten-man, right?

The last attempt I made on him was much earlier in the week. The raid leader seemed to be a complete idiot. He activated hardmode for FL and didn't respond when people mentioned it. This was after someone had said "don't talk to so and so". I left when it became apparent that he had no clue what was going on; as someone left and he didn't know if it was a healer or not.

I tried again today, joining a group that needed a tank and a tank. I can tank, so go me. I wasn't quite sure of my gear, being in a mix of 200 level blues, a few heroic epics, and 232/245 badge gear. Probably enough, but I know how people love their overgeared tanks.

Actually I'd been rejected earlier in the week. But I think that was 25 man, so it's somewhat understandable.

I get in and after a while we find a tank. Let's do this... Alright so obvious first step is to call dibs on the catapult passenger slot because it's awesome and I'm awesome, so it makes sense. Someone who took. So I settled for tank gunner. But it had no driver. Eventually I got someone out of a chopper to be my gunner, but she wouldn't drive. Driving those things is boring.

FL time, easy kill, easy badge, maybe easy loot, let's do this. The other tank died on the first follow. I was right on top of interrupts, so go me. Then I died to a follow, I suspect because flame vents were also going. That's my excuse anyway. I'd even used the speed boost! Pyrite wasn't getting stacked. As in, there was none on him and no, they hadn't just burned it all up already. So DPS was slow. We did manage to kill him. I lost the roll on tinkering, which is why I should remember to just nab the stuff before anyone can remember. Stupid other engineers. I bet they weren't throwing around iron grenades four years ago. Posers! At least I got new tanking bracers.

We had some deaths on Ignis trash.

On Ignis I took adds since the druid had more health and we all know health is what matters most for everything. Also he had much better gear. Commence.

Hunter misdirects, we hurt the boss, I taunt adds and get diseases on them, I lose aggro because I'm barely attacking them since heals don't draw that much aggro. Why the hell are DPS attacking the adds? Druid dies, I grab boss, I die, only 20%, we can do this. Run back, we all die again. DPS are still messing with my adds.

Leader leaves, new guy kicks some people, we get some replacements. I look at recount and wonder why I was beating any DPS with only 2k or so. We try burn again, because there didn't seem to be anyone who could shatter the adds. It finally worked. I got new tanking gloves. And won the BoE caster mail bracers.


Icecrown Citadel
I need to work on my prot set because well, it's falling behind. My ret gear could use some touching up here and there. I don't want to go even deeper into negative DKP, not that I'd win anything anyway, so what can I do? Oh that's easy: make a ICC10 PUG. The first wing is easy enough. Right?

I'm not a fan of "link achievement and gear score" since, well everyone needs their first kill somehow. And I don't have gear score. I opted to glance at people's gear in Dalaran while we tried to find another tank and healer.

A rogue complained the one of the fury warriors didn't have the achievement. He left despite the warrior having gear and claiming to have read the strats and watched videos. Onward.

We finally all get there. This process made me decide that I should insist on achievements; specifically the achievement for having done Icecrown quests because it's annoying to have people unable to summon while out of phase.

Time for trash. Oh good, the paladin started blessing while I told him I was trying to figure out assignments. I hate when they do that.

Trash went okay. A few deaths, but no wipes. The traps are much more fun with no rogue. I'd pull very carefully and then run around to trigger it. I actually enjoyed the trash.

Marrowgar time. I'll summarize: wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe people leave replacements standing in fire bone spikes not broken DPS during transition out of bone storm and wiping. Eventually he died. I gave some caster thing to someone. The shaman got an enhancement belt.

Deathwhisper trash killed some people. I explained deathwhisper, someone corrected a few mistakes in my explanation, partly due to having never done it on 10 man. The first attempt had some problems, such as adds spawning right before phase two. I should have told them to stop DPS before then and wait for adds. We did that the second time. Okay so we wiped. It was a decent attempt I thought, considering I'd never tanked it and I think most people hadn't been there at all.

Then she died and I couldn't roll on the awesome trinket because I'd been dumb and set main spec rolls before dual spec.

People went up the elevator and died. They ran back. We all went up and died. We ran back. We went up again and the Horde NPCs killed the Alliance NPCs. Then we killed a dragon.

Gunship time. But we only had 8 people. Let's try anyway. Somehow the melee died and then we had no DPS on the mage. We wiped. People DCed. I found another tank so I could go ret and fill a spot. It's hard to find people to join for the second half of the wing. So I told the new paladin no wait outside while I looked for people. After way too many hours for just two bosses, I called the raid, thanked everyone, hoped they had fun, and went back to Dalaran.

Several hours and many wipes for a bit of rep and a measly four frost emblems. At least some people got to see new content. It resets anyway, so not too big of a loss to get saved.


Guthammer said...

Heh and I thought I ran some tough luck groups.

Though, like you I don't am not a fanatic about checking gear and don't even have GS installed. I did see our come in from the cold pally healer upgrade his healing weapon from i200 to i251--not often you can see a 25% increase in ilevel.

Guthammer said...

PS, yeah the guild had to kick in for my reps.

And a question, your PUG use vent?

Klepsacovic said...

We didn't. I have no mic, so there wasn't much to be gained. I've learned to type fast. :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone running anything that close to weekly restart usually are the dregs/ or alts - pug with caution - we got the Ignis weekly for this week on Dath, lost 4 people by the end ( including one of the two healers ) I amazingly managed to keep the tank and enough dps alive to kill him. Big sigh of relief, when pugging Ulduar before though, not matter the time of week I would find thet Ignis was the pug killer anyways. But yeah for getting it done finallY!

Klepsacovic said...

@pugnaciouspriest: Oh yes, my rogue tried to join a PUG for it, and then we wiped on Ignis trash. So I left to fill a spot in the guild ICC run. Then I died some more.

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