Raid or die never got fixed

| Saturday, August 16, 2008
Pre-BC there was little gear benefit from PvP. The best gear was incredibly hard to get (at least until 2.0 when PvP gear went to a simple honor grind with no ranks). But despite the effort, it was not the best PvP gear. Raids gave better gear for PvP.

"Raid or die." It was pretty simple, PvP gear was from raids, so people were forced into PvE to get gear for PvP. This wasn't much fun for people that just wanted to PvP and had to choose between sub-par gear or doing content they didn't enjoy.

It got fixed in TBC, sort of. Now PvPers can get all the gear they need from PvP. Great, right? Not exactly. The problem just got reversed.

PvP gear has few restrictions on who can wear it and doesn't require large raids or lockout timers. It's incredibly accessible. It is also very powerful, with S3 blowing away T4 for many classes. Unless you're in very high end content, PvP is going to give more powerful gear than PvE.

PvE people now have the choice that PvP people used to have: inferior gear or unwanted content. Raid or die didn't go away, it just got turned around.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a little different than that. The introduction of Resilience in 2.0.1 and the stricter lines of itemization make PvP gear almost universally inferior to raided gear in PvE content, with the only notable exceptions being weapons for DPS classes. They're each designed under specific requirements: PvP gear emphasizes survivability with high Stamina and Resilience, while PvE gear tends to favor pure unadulterated performance with often little or no Stamina.

As a healing priest, I don't want PvP gear. Too much Stamina, itemization points are wasted on Resilience, far too much Intellect, no Spirit to be see at all, and sub-par Bonus Healing to even my Dungeon 3a set!

However, what you're looking at is a huge gear and itemization leap. Par for par, PvE gear is best for PvE encounters; but when you make a large leap into items with high ilevel, you might see that PvP gear is better.

I think that you don't see as much disparity as you might think. With Season 3, I'd still rather take Tier 4 gear on my hunter or Holy priest. It's much better itemized, though it's definitely more favorable for the hunter than the priest. The only notable exception would be weapon, since I do use the two-hander still not having found a better upgrade even having done 4/5 and 5/9 Tier 6.

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