A few prot talent buffs

| Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Like a few other posts, this is just a boring copy from a post on the paladin forums. Maybe my title just wasn't catchy, though I even tried an exclamation point; neon signs were not an option.

Blessing of Sacrifice: redirect 5% of each attack. It will be less amazing again DW, but it will be an extremely powerful (overpowered?) boss fight ability. Maybe put a damage absorb limit on it, for example the max health of the caster. This would limit the power in raids without excessive gimping in PvP and also force a rotation, giving paladins more to do, which hopefully wouldn't just be more tedium.

Blessing of Sanctuary: renamed Hand of Sanctuary: increases block value (sorry, DKs) by 10% of the next damaging (so it isn't wasted on avoidance)physical attack, lasts X seconds. It's a triggered mitigation and aggro boost tied together.

Devotion aura: Increases armor by 5% plus an additional x/level. At a bit over 16k armor this will give more armor, scaling up from there. Below this it's a nerf, but in that case it's either a tank who isn't at the point to care about effective health yet or someone who shouldn't be getting hit anyway.


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