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| Saturday, August 16, 2008
The last couple days I've been playing my shaman again. I forgot how fun he really is. DPS is so much less stressful than tanking and the numbers are bigger, and who doesn't like big numbers? I know my tank doesn't, since the only big numbers I ever see are incoming damage.

Today I did heroic Slave Pens, had a blast. Our tank was a pretty good paladin. Nothing much good dropped, again. But it was fun and didn't burn me out, so I don't mind running it again tomorrow.

Later I did heroic Underbog, respeccing resto. Our tank was a paladin too, but I didn't like him much. He never judged, claiming that JoW didn't give aggro and he only cares about aggro. As expected, he was OOM every pull or two. Oh yea, and he didn't judge crusader either, claiming it doesn't give aggro. That got a triple dot and an offer to give some advice, which he rejected. Still I got through, got a new healing hat and some badges.

It was a little strange switching to healing. I've not done much healing in months, except for last night when I did regular crypts with an overgeared druid tank, so I mostly threw around lightning bolts. I was even still elemental. I added a new bar, loaded it with various ranks of healing wave so I could find just the right rank to spam. That bar got mouse-clicked, I am ashamed to say.

Earlier in the day I'd tried heroic SH, but our tank was terrible. He would taunt while pulling (even though DPS had learned to do NOTHING for a few seconds while he pulled), then had terrible aggro generation. DPS would get aggro and he'd shield slam instead of taunting. More than a single mob made him fall apart completely. Four was a guaranteed wipe, excluding those of us who ran for the door.

I can understand learning, but this was not a time for learning. SH isn't an easy heroic. His gear was pretty good too, he'd at least been to Karazhan up to Curator, and had some rep gear. Maybe he gathered gear as fury or arms and then when prot, but that seems a bit backwards from what I've seen. The thing that really confused me was his lack of gems, totally empty sockets, not even uncommons or strange choices, just nothing at all. I left soon after noticing that he had 13k health, buffed.

Yesterday I got my fishing hat. It looks cool.

Although, my racial ability does kinda suck.


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great posts on the forums, great posts here on your blog!

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