Leveling is too slow

| Friday, October 21, 2011
You might have noticed me complaining that my warrior was too high for the Barrens by the time he got to them. Well that was stupid! Leveling is too slow, always too slow.

Even if level 13 was too high for Barrens, it was too low for instances. That's what I was interested in. I already knew the leveling game was a mess and hadn't been fixed, but what had changed in the intervening months on the grouping side, that was my real interest. For this, any leveling speed was too slow.

Leveling just gets in the way of the real game, by which I mean grouping at level 15.

Maybe this same lesson can be extended. Possibly it applies to level 85 and grouping then as well. That means that there are not merely 14 barrier levels, but an entire whatever that math would be. More than 14! Unacceptable.

But of course it's all just a trap. I rushed to get to level 15 so I could play in groups. And I did. But before I knew it I was level 20 and geared like a boss. Suddenly all that previous questing stuff was not just a waste of time, it was a really easy waste of time. So of course I stopped doing that. But then there I was, capped out at 20 and gearing up, but gearing up is really just a two-word way to say "running the same places over and over again with various random people who don't want to be there much more than I do."

Damn. Now that leveling thing doesn't sound so bad.


Nils said...

Still wondering why I deleted my level 20 warrior? Questing is so easy to make it faster. But being so easy it is so boring that you can't possibly make it fast enough.

LFD chain-running is better, but still too slow, because running the same dungeon more than once or twice in a row is, well, boring. Every group has to be beaten exactly the same way.

The only fun things are discovering healing and encouraging even badly geared tanks to pull as much as they can, or to do BGs with the right class/specc. I just posted about the latter.

Klepsacovic said...

"But being so easy it is so boring that you can't possibly make it fast enough." Obviously we need to make it easier so it goes by faster. :)

It reminds me of glue. Add a bit and thinks stick together. Add too much and you're sticking glue to glue and add even more and now you're building the entire structure out of glue. Glue is good at bonding structures, not at being structures.

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