Moorabi <High Prophet of Mam'toth>

| Monday, July 13, 2009
"If our gods can die... den so can we..."
Something about this death phrase is heartbreaking.

There is no denying the savagery of the trolls. It is easy to hate them. The story of Zul'Drak is terrifying. A once-powerful race is driven to destroy its own gods in the hopes that grabbing their power now may save them. It is the story of throwing away tomorrow because today seems lost.

The gods fight back and are divided from their worshipers. One even blew himself up. The hole and debris can be seen from far away. I wonder if the gods are weaker without true worshipers. The trolls are only temporarily stronger with no gods.

The resignation, the total defeat in what he says and how he says it, that struck me.


Jaguar Lightstorm said...

I couldn't agree more...

This, and also the entire Quetz'lun questline, when in the end she drags her defeated prophet into her underworld, leaving you standing at her now lonely, empty altar contributes to the entire desperate atmosphere a lot.

Overall, Zul'Drak is a very emotionally potent place. It starts with some routine footwork for the Crusade but then, as you come across ever virtuous Zandalari, unravels into a beautiful tragedy of enslaved Gods and their hopeless worshipers.

Sure, troll tribes have done their deal of great evils in Azeroth, but they are one of the most ancient races, having ruled over Kalimdor even long before the Sundering, and now, one after another, they are being deprived of their futures and left no choice but to die. They probably deserve a better destiny, but Moorabi's last phrase has it all - when you stand by your great ambition and it finally fails, you're going to end along with it.

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