Are female characters nicer?

| Monday, July 27, 2009
There is importance to my addition of character. I'm not looking for stereotypes and generalizations about women. Instead I'm looking for stereotypes and generalizations about virtual women.

After a few weeks of a combination of high boredom and low care, I decided to try my warlock again. She is level 71 and I have almost no idea how to play her. That's due to almost total neglect, leveled pre-BC, played only a very small amount in BC, and even less in WotLK. The result is that I just don't know how they work these days. Apparently spirit doesn't such anymore. Or maybe it still does but it's not supposed to. See what I mean? Anyway...

I am very polite on my warlock. This isn't to say that my normal state is rude, but that I don't usually go out of my way to apologize for my mistakes (though I will if I really screw up) and I'm not always the most patient with PUGs (they're morons, I'm a slacker). But on my warlock I was being nice and patient and apologizing for my noobishness. I wasn't just acting nicer, I felt nicer, like I was someone slightly different.

Is it some little piece of getting into the character? I figured I was somewhat more consistent, being of a general tanking/protective mindset with some mix of disdain for mean people and impatience with noobs.

Or perhaps it is mere perception. People often attribute more positive characteristics to attractive individuals. Not to sound odd, but my warlock is significantly prettier than most of my Horde characters. Is this the bias carried into the virtual world?

To further complicate matters, I distinctly remember being slightly rude back at 60. I was the sort who was quick to remove people who annoyed me and frequently started and led groups. Perhaps that was leftover warlock RP of sorts from when I was a notably evil undead warlock on my first account. Ah, I miss fearing people into adds... But damn you Crimefighter (meanest FHP ever) and your warrior friend, always ganking me when I was soloing the templar in Silithus, wasted so many sets.


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