What a difference a night makes

| Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Last night was not fun. We wiped a lot. I died a lot. Some of it was my fault. That annoys me, because I don't want to be that idiot that ruins it for 24 other people. We didn't quite fill the raid either. All in all it was terrible. Oh sure, a couple bosses died, but it took far more attempts than it should have.

Tonight was totally different.

Flame Leviathan was not just a one-shot, but we managed to kill only a particular shaman that we like to kill and no one else. Deconstructor: one shot. People were doing what they were supposed to be doing, DPS was a bit higher than normal (probably due to few deaths), it was just plain good. The tinkering from both gave a decent pile of eternals, a titansteel bar, and a lot of other less valuable stuff.

The trash after that went poorly.

Kologarn was a one-shot with no deaths. That was pretty awesome.

I was promoted to raider status, which means I have to show up consistently (I already do) and have a higher priority on loot (about time! :P)

Crazy cat lady was not a one-shot. Or a two. Or a five. She killed us a lot. And more. But it was still an improvement. We made some definite progress compared to previous nights and even over the course of this night. I think our best was somewhere around 25-30%. The previous best that I remember was maybe 50%. She has been killed, but with a different group, I'm not sure where those people are these days.

So yea, I don't know what happened.

I'd expected my day overall to be pretty bad. I woke up tired and had the weird thing where you wake up and 15 minutes later someone is telling you you're 15 minutes late and you don't even remember more than 30 seconds passing. My lunch seemed like it would be pretty small. It was slightly rainy and cool enough for a jacket, until I started biking to work, and then I was slightly too hot. I kept thinking that I didn't want to raid after being tired, especially since the previous night was bad.

Work wasn't too bad really. I got a decent bit done, though it did take me probably 5 minutes to remember how to release one of the saws so I could use it... Lunch was bigger than expected because my brother had extra food to get rid of. Riding home few people tried to kill me, though one oblivious and rude pedestrian wandered right in front of me and never even seemed to notice. I got home to another good read at the Pink Pigtail Inn. Then it was off to the raid. You read how it went. Hopefully tomorrow will also start off auspiciously terrible. :)


LarĂ­sa said...

Glad to hear that you seem to have gotten back your lust and joy for raiding. It's a lovely feeling... enjoy it until next raid... hopefully it won't be ruined. But you never know, do you? That's what so charming about raiding. When it's good it's really GOOD. And when it's bad it sucks. Rarely boring inbetween.

Frida said...

Oh, I really know that feeling aswell, the one where raids suddenly are fun again. When you can see your progress. I've had horrid wipe nights with my guild aswell, where motivation go down as the players hit the dust, and Vent stops being a giggly place to be. However, in the end of the dark tunnel, there usually is a raid where all things go smooth and we all dance around like little girls again. When things have been bad, they seem ever better when they're good.

Klepsacovic said...

Sometimes I like boring. Why must society incentivize boredom (Ever been an intern for a legal case? Lawyers seem to really like making people bored. I suspect they are evil.) and yet be so anti-boredom?

I must admit that I rarely dance around like a little girl. The last time I did that the lava launched me into Sartharion.

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