Welcome home, to Hell

| Friday, July 25, 2008
There's something about taking my paladin to Stratholme that just feels right. I suppose it is perfectly designed for us: huge groups of undead and plenty of corners to LoS casters. There's a high from pulling 6 groups at once and killing them all.

The force reactive disks help. Yea, that was plural. I carry three of them plus a sporeggar shield and my normal tanking shield. A single pull can wipe out half a disk. But hey, they cost almost nothing to repair (I forgot exactly, but it's less than 2g at zero durability). Bag space is an issue. I can easily [make 30 slots no longer empty by picking up drops off mobs. Learn to read in context].

Engineering: Better crusading through advanced technology.


Chris said...

:P only 30 slots? Slacker!

54 slots of gear and counting... (MT, Block, Fire, Healing, Trinkets + Avoidance Gear). Worst bit is I use it all.

Lukian said...

I had to bank my retribution gear to fit my healing and tanking sets in my bags.

Weren't we meant to be getting clothing racks in the character pane in 3.0? :(

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