My Annoyance for Today

| Sunday, July 13, 2008
My warrior is running around questing and starts a group for an instance. I invite some people, and then someone freaks out about my health. Most recently someone drops the group without saying anything. He joins, asks my spec, I say prot, he leaves. I ask why and he says I only have 8k health.

Public Service Announcement: Most people solo in DPS gear, not tanking gear. Don't judge a tank by his soloing gear. Even my paladin uses a modified set with slightly less health for AoE grinding.


Captain The First said...

People's pre-concieved notions about how things should be done amuse me. I've tanked plenty of times in 5-mans with my prot pally sitting at only 8k hp and the healer slowly dozing off behind me.

I've seen DPS do very well with very little +spell damage, I've seen healers pull off amazing stuff in their DPS +spell damage gear and I've seen people do insanely good tanking jobs in outland greens.

Sure it's healthy to take a look at someone's gear before the start of a run... but there's no reason not to at least give it a try.

Personally I'd rather try out a tank with a gear / talent configuration that is unfamiliar to me than spend an extra hour in LFG looking for a new tank.

You can always go back to LFG if it turns into a wipefest but from what I've seen anyone with a prot talent spec and a decent chunk of armor usually does fine in 5s.

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