| Monday, March 24, 2008
Just for shits and giggles I respecced my paladin to 31/0/30.

It got me thinking though, could shockadins work for DPS? I'm going to be setting aside aggro problems for now, though I admit that aggro is the true damage cap.

Stats would mainly be spell damage, mana/5, and a combination of melee and spell crit to keep up vengeance. Melee crit might actually be the better source of vengeance since I'm probably going to swing my weapon more than I cast.
My libram would be from heroic Blood Furnace:
2-2.5% crit on both spell and melee; right now it is triggered by judgement refreshes. Since I'll have JotC up that means it's pretty much permanent.
The first trinket would be Darkmoon Card: Wrath. This would help make up for my low crit, keeping up vengeance better.
2 pieces of T4 prot would give a tiny bit of spell damage, but more importantly, 10% more damage on SoR.

All in all there will be a lot of multipliers on my damage. 10% to all holy from sanctity aura, 15% to SoR in holy, 10% to SoR from the prot T4, 15% to all from vengeance.
I remember that the old 1h spec, despite only saying weapon damage, applied to SoR too. I wonder if 2h spec does the same. Combined with the higher +damage bonus with 2h SoR, it might be worth using a 2h with lower +damage vs. 1h + shield. I'm of course thinking of the Hammer of Righteous Might.

Even though I'm sure their damage will end up lower than ret, shockadins still have a certain appeal to me. For one they could be more practical in raids. Put a shockadin with a tankadin for sanctity and he'll probably get wrath of air for a nice damage boost. Trying to put a ret paladin in the same position means he's going to end up with a sub-par supporting group, especially no windfury.

But they are also all that seems to be left of hybrids. I know there's so much talk of how needing so many stats held back ret, so they throw away their spell damage and any hope of effective backup heals. Shockadins don't, they keep it, they gather it up. It reminds me of the old paladin PvP videos with people in Judgement kicking ass and throwing heals in between. I suppose that is a dead era. Even though I tended to end up on the wrong end of it, I didn't mind so much that PvE gear wasn't crap in PvP, that raiding had a purpose besides just more raiding. It made the game fit together better. Now we PvE to PvE and PvP to PvP and never shall the two cross. Or when they do (Dory's Embrace), people will whine constantly. Wasn't BC supposed to be all about alternative routes of progression, and then people complain about alternative ways to get PvP gear.

Ah well, life goes on. Soon enough WotLK will be here and everything will get turned around again. I look forward to the brief moment when warriors aren't in insane gear and are actually balanced. The first couple months of BC were great.


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