It Finally Dawned on Me

| Sunday, March 30, 2008
I am just like most other people: I suck at PvP and have a hard time admitting it.

My 3v3 is an arms warrior, resto shaman, and my ret paladin. I'm pretty well geared, the warrior is as well, the shaman is a bit lacking. But I don't think her gear is our problem. I know mine isn't, I'd say I'm in damn good gear. I'd say we are 1800+ potential, higher as our shaman gets more gear. But we're not; we hover around 1500.

I just get overwhelmed by it all. I get tunnel vision, I don't notice target switches, I forget BoF and BoS. I did finally get around to making some macros for them and I have all sorts of spells hotkeyed, but I can't hotkey the macros, I've run out of space. A better bar setup might fix that. But what's the point if I don't notice when to use them anyway?

Maybe that's why I prefer BGs. When I fail it's not the end of the world. I'll be back up soon and it's not as if I lose rating. I can keep trying and figuring out what to do. Having real objectives helps too, straightforward deathmatches aren't my thing, especially outside of shooters.

Next thing you know I'll admit that I suck at PvE and that's why I'm still not out of Gruul's Lair.

Wow, this post is emo.


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