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| Saturday, March 1, 2008
Pass if you don't need. Need if you need, but say something first. Greed if you're a disenchanter. If everyone passes, stand around asking if anyone is an enchanter. Once you're sure no one is, do greed/need for the rest of the run. Enchanters, please speak the fuck up.

Greed mostly. Need if you need and then you'd better equip it right there or you will be declared a ninja.

My rule book also says to not listen to hunters. I am considering adding mages to it as well.


Lukian said...

If everyone is geared and cashed up, items are fun to need on for a "joke" set. ("I need a 'pet healing' set", "man, how mad will rogues be when they see me walking around with Shard of Contempt"). Of course, I only take these items in the event that absolutely no main or off-spec can use them, or wants them.

Dead on. I've seen players need "Hand of Eternity" and a split second later I've gone "HEY! That's BoE, you can't need roll on that!", thankfully, they've equipped it the moment they've won the roll and I don't feel so bad about potentially losing out on several hundred gold.

Mages: Yes, please add them to your rule book. In 5 man groups, I've seen healing necklaces rolled on, twice now, over healers who have needed them. That said, WLK removes them from your rule book by making caster and healer itemisation identical.

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