Like an action movie set in Arathi Basin

| Saturday, February 8, 2014
I have a habit of checking who is defending the less-active spots. Then I keep an eye on health and debuffs in the raid area. That way I can see if there is an attack even if they can't say anything.

I'm at blacksmith farming defender honor off the glorious zerg at farm. I see the priest at mine is getting hurt a lot. Mount up, jump down, and break out the parachute cloak. It looked to me like the priest was about to die. I hit the two Horde with my shield since I expected they'd be capping by then. The priest was not dead. So while still in the air I stuck sacred shield or her.

I landed and started hitting people. She still was not dead, but seemed sufficiently close that I'd expect two melee characters to kill her very soon. Hand of Protection made them laughably ineffective. Next thing she's at full health and casting with the uninterrupted cast bar of someone who can't be hurt by physical damage. That means the Horde are dead.

A second or two later and she'd have died before I got there. That is why you pay keep track of who's where and how they're doing.

It also helps to have a parachute cloak.


flosch said...

It does help. Otherwise you're about as helpful as the Judean People's Front's (not to be confused with the People's Front of Judea's! Splitters!) suicide squad.

Dahakha said...

It's moments like those that keep you coming back to BGs.

Klepsacovic said...

@Dahakha: It is. Also, parachuting getting knocked off LM and parachuting into BS without anyone noticing because they're fighting elsewhere, that's nice too.

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