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| Sunday, February 16, 2014
The other day I got over my fear of meaningful roles in LFR. I tanked. Other players were generally helpful or at worst, indifferent. It was gloriously fun. In fact, the only bit that wasn't much fun was when I somehow got placed in the Gates of Retribution as... well as retribution.

Galakras made no sense. The Iron Juggernaut was a bit of fun thanks to the "step on the land mines on purpose" mechanic. The Dark Shaman was just awful. It's a chaotic mess of messes and chaos that never felt like we had the slightest bit of control of the situation. I'm all for a dynamic fight, but I don't like feeling like we're getting thrown around randomly. Maybe if I had been the tank it would have been different. Nazgrim was boring and I was annoyed that people kept attacking during defensive stance when there were still adds up.

Today I got in as a tank for The Underhold. Unfortunately, the queue popped as I was reading the fights, so I wasn't as prepared as I'd have liked, particularly since the first boss was already dead. Even worse, the Spoils of Pandaria fight sounds much different in text. I was much slower than I would have been had I seen the fight before; I'd thought the boxes opened on their own. People yelling at "tank" weren't much help, given that there were two tanks with much different situations and I couldn't be focusing on figuring out where the whiner was. Thok seemed to go okay, once started ignoring the jailers and letting the other tank figure out where they went. Again, a fight that didn't translate so well into text. We ended with me being yelled at to kite, so I kited, then I was told it was too fast, so I went slower. DPS died in the fire. He enraged. I left after someone started insulting both of us tanks. My ignore list grew. I have no time for people whose response to problems is senseless insults.

You might be thinking that I'm in the wrong for queueing without having watched a video first. To that I say, "fuck off." If I'd queued as DPS then my ignorance would be no issue. However, the queue times for me, and for all the other DPS, would be an issue. Furthermore, I'm not going to spend my time to please these sorts of assholes. Frankly, they should be grateful I queued as a tank at all to carry their mindless, abusive selves through the fights.

After a cooling off session involving a great deal of profanity I queued again. Again, I got a raid with the first boss dead. I jumped into the action and did a fine job of tanking the rest of the place with no issues. The tank switches were a glorious thing to see, if I say so myself.

I still find myself a little more reluctant to do LFR. I could run it as DPS for the visuals and then go again as a tank. Since I don't enjoy the DPS I might as well just watch some strat video and suffer through the awful explanations and accents that come from some part of the UK that is as indecipherable as the Welsh but without having the excuse of living inside a whale. Some part of me rebels at this idea. It seems contrary to the idea of LFR. Isn't it a place for less-geared, less-organized, less-prepared randomly formed groups to get some gear and learn a bit? Or is it just an awful alternative to real raiding? I intend to do some more LFR in order to get more gear and learn some more in anticipation of finding a guild. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.


Balkoth said...

It's a place for people too lazy/inept to form/join Flex groups to fight things mildly more dangerous than target dummies. Or potentially for people who quite literally can't ever guarantee that they'll be on continuously due to a job or something.

I'm not even being sarcastic here, Blizzard has basically said several times "Yeah, we pretty much screwed up with LFR by trying to make it an alternative to actual raiding -- and it's an awful experience that doesn't teach people much." Flex (normal in WoD) in LFR is the future -- easier than current normal modes and thus more forgiving while still forcing you to obey mechanics.

And perhaps most importantly, it has social consequences for assholes and jerks.

LFR is only sticking around for people who somehow can't commit to a Flex group or who aren't good enough to join a Flex group. It'll REALLY be the dregs in WoD.

Balkoth said...

"Flex (normal in WoD) in LFR is the future"

Whoops, should have been...

"Flex (normal in WoD) rather than LFR is the future"

or even just

"Flex (normal in WoD) is the future."


"as indecipherable as the Welsh but without having the excuse of living inside a whale"

This is a good turn of phrase and you should feel good.

Klepsacovic said...

@Balkoth: I suppose I'll need to find a flex group then, in the interest of fun. That's yet another new thing that I don't understand. It's strange how missing the launch of MoP has left me utterly clueless about so much.

@Jessica Cook: Thanks! Your name looks loud.

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