Ignorance Recognition Week is Coming

| Friday, December 9, 2011
AKA: Finals week.

I'm not sure I'll have much to post. This isn't due to lack of time, but due to brain damage caused by excessive thinking.

At least my final project is going well. So far what I've taken away from it is that avoiding regulatory capture is hard, but working for a captured agency is pretty damn fun! Look up the Bush-era MMS Royalty in Kind offices and tell me you'd not want to have a job filled with sex, drugs, money, more money, drugs, and in all likelihood if you quit, a higher-paying job in the industry you were supposed to be regulating. Sure the IRS brought in more money, but I bet they didn't have half as much fun.

In unrelated news, it is getting cold. This causes my bike-riding to be a little uncomfortable. At least my face freezes quickly enough that I never really feel it.


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