I Hate Christmas

| Friday, December 23, 2011
I used to enjoy Christmas. I'd eat cookies and get legos and it was a lot of fun.

These days Christmas isn't any fun at all. In terms of school it means a major crunch as everyone stuffs finals and projects into the last week. That week is, of course, right before Christmas, leaving me little time to shop. Oh sure, in magical fantasy land I could do my shopping before then. But no one writes lists until around then anyway. Maybe other people can get by without lists, but that requires a level of social connection that I do not achieve. I pride myself on remembering the names of family.

Of course it doesn't help that people mostly just talk about work. Why not hobbies? Anyone can work any job (take this in context), but hobbies actually tell you about who a person is. Without them, I am left wondering without the slightest clue. It's on par with St. Valentine's Day for holidays dedicated to making introverts feel bad.

It's also just plain too much socializing. A gathering now and then is nice. I wrote this on Thursday after spending too much time trying in vain to find gifts, wondering why stores exist if they don't sell anything worth buying. Then the evening was spent watching Christmas movies. The next day (today) will be occupied with a trip downtown to the German market, which was a lot of fun in high school when I went with my German class, but now it's likely to involve a lot of walking in the cold and making fun of stuff for no good reason, before heading back home. That night my brothers and I will go to dinner with my uncle, a Christmas tradition that bucks the trend by always being a lot of fun.

The next day is of course Christmas Eve, a name which makes no sense if you actually break it down. The day will be spent rushing around to make food to take to my brother's house where I will spend far too many hours being bored by talking to people with whom I share no common interests. One of these days I should retaliate and subject them to a mob by mob description of grinding for Insane in the Membrane.

But hey, next day is Christmas, when I can cringe when I see that I have, as usual, given relatively few gifts, and am not certain whether anyone will want them. Then I can, rather than enjoying the gifts I've received, spend even more time in excessively large groups. For context, I don't much like any more than five people, and even then, it has to be of a composition that doesn't cause two pairs and an extra sitting around awkwardly (me).

None of this results in me getting enough sleep either.

Merry Christmas, from all of us (just me) here at Troll Racials are Overpowered.


Syl said...

I just realized it's XMAS this weekend! =O
I guess that says enough...I really don't keep track of it, don't care, don't make gifts nor do I want to receive any (well, not more than usual). luckily my social circle agrees. so it's just another weekend for us. I should still probably go and edit my post of today though, lol...

I think XMAS is something you do for kids; they love it, we used to love it. but otherwise I'm very anti 'public holidays', especially when they come with a whole sales and marketing machinery telling you to consume consume consume.
if XMAS is about caring for you loved ones or surprising them with something special, then for me every day of the year is potentially XMAS, anyway. :)

A good weekend to you. or frohe weihnachten.

Gankalicious said...

You're not alone. Hated Christmas for more years than I can remember. Only beginning to change my view in the last several years but still don't partake in the crazy, spend-a-lot, family centric 'holiday' that prevails.

I now keep it quiet and it's a nice break. The internet provides the few gifts I need to get and the alcohol keeps me cheery ;)

Jessica said...

Christmas gets quite painful if you get stuck in adjusting to everyone elses expectations without for one moment thinking about your own. I mean... giving and being nice and all that stuff is good and admirable but not if it's done under pressure and out of duty. I guess the only comfort I can give you is that once you get older and more wealthy you can actually decide more for yourself. Just slip out of it, going on a journey for instance. Take action. Don't get stuck.


Klepsacovic said...

@Jessica: Hugs!

Anonymous said...

That's probably the best part of Christmas, though - not the gift giving part, but it sort of stems from that sense of 'duty'. Families come together a lot more. I'm heading up to Melbourne today for a full-blown family reunion, with people I haven't seen for years and years, along with the family members I'm close to. It's really going to be a special day.

So while we can rattle our sabers at empty commercialism and the like, let's not forget the simple pleasure of good company, either, nor belittle any occasion that brings us closer together as people.

But not TOO close, of course.

Ahtchu said...

Merry Christmas Kleps!

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