On the nonexistent brightside:

| Tuesday, August 23, 2011
There is some level of discontent over the lack of same-sex romance in swtor.  I offer this bright side: at least they don't give dark side points.  But I'd much prefer if they existed and were alignment-neural.  Wouldn't the moralistic outrage be fun to watch?  

In unrelated news, Internet won't be ready for over a week, so posting will be sporadic, based on my will to walk a mile or so to the campus wireless network.


Tesh said...

Alignment "neural" or "neutral"? Not sure if you're saying something clever about neurochemistry and sexuality or just missing a key.

Klepsacovic said...

Conscious explanation: missed a key
Unconscious explanation: the effects of uterine conditions on the fetal brain are endlessly fascinating and my brain wanted to share that without telling me of the plan

My money is on trying to type on an iPod.

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