Appearance is not racist

| Monday, August 15, 2011
If you're too lazy to click the link, it's a drawing of a bunch of superheroes, Batman, Superman, those sorts, colored black, with the character drawing it explaining that she is "Makin' racists angry."

Can we all agree that white people and black people look different? Much like someone with red hair looks different than someone with brown hair?

As far as I can tell, comic book people like to rage over any change, no matter how minor. Appearance is no exception. Given that white and black people look different, changing the skin color of a superhero is going to cause nerdraging, regardless of the influence of racism. It would be like randomly changing the color of their costumes.

What I'm trying to say is that not everything related to race is racist.


hound said...

Also, there are often times that an artist might leave out particular physical features (or leave in) that might help distinguish the character as more...non-white?

It's funny to see Captain America colored black, but with no physical African features.

And then there's the artists who actually attempt to add some of those features and get them ridiculously wrong.

Know your subject is what I'm saying.

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