Prince Thunderaan

| Tuesday, March 3, 2009
I killed him and took his stuff.

I would like to thank the former members of Word of Redemption for joining me in MC over a year ago. That day Garr dropped the first binding I'd ever seen and the raid told me to take it.

I'd like to say rude things to the idiots that left because they claimed the guild was on an old world kick or something like that. Obviously one person starting a raid on a non-raid night is the same as guild direction.

Bank alts of Zul'jin, thank you for your contributions, including holding onto ore for three years in one case.

To anyone that was mad that they didn't get to be there, I'm sorry. I'd expected some amount of enthusiasm and found almost none. I wasn't in the mood for filling gchat with advertisements, especially not after I would try old world raids and get people arguing about it being a waste of time. After that it's hard to go looking for people.

I have a video of it, though it will need some editing to shorten it. I spent a bit of time near the end just maintaining health as best I could while waiting for a friend to get back online since I thought he might want to see the achievement. Eventually I had to finish off the last 500 health or die. I wasn't eager to see what happens if I die on him, such as the chain bugging out.

Maybe there's something to learn from this. Maybe orange text is somehow corrupting and makes people do mean things without realizing it. Maybe I'd have been better off never seeing that binding drop last winter.


Kromus said...

No- some people cant balance the give an' take. They should of been happy- Molten Core isn't going anywhere...

Enjoyed your post, i can see your opinions clearly and see how pressing it can be.


Shwitz44 said...

You know what they say -
legendary items corrupt legendarily.

Or something like that.

Grats on T-Fury!

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