I think I need a new blog name

| Monday, March 30, 2009
What's wrong with my current blog name? Well, procs and cons. That should say pros, but, why not show that WoW has ruined my mind and in another example I am unable to type instances... grr... instant-plural.

I find it slightly funny. It's mostly a reference to when troll racials were incredibly bad: throwing weapon spec being the most notable and probably worst in the game.

It references my year or two or by now maybe three years of posting on the paladin forum, as a troll shaman. Even after I had a paladin, after it was level capped (BC, so 70), even after it was my main, I still posted on my shaman.

I think it's somewhat unique in that it doesn't refer to a class spell or anything at all related to any classes.

It's vague: I think a more specific name would be restrictive. I'd feel like I was off-topic posting about my druid if I had a paladin-related name.

It's vague: Some blogs you can tell what they're about by the name. Blessing of Kings, I wonder, might that possibly be about paladins? Player vs. Developer, maybe possibly it's about game design and balance and... see there's a good name, it's open-ended but not ridiculously vague. Or for a vague title which admits its vague, try anything like "World of ___" or "___'s Adventure's in ____" You go to those expecting something a bit here and there. I have no clue what you expect from my title.

It's misleading: You'd think I'd at least talk more about my troll characters or use an accept or something. Oh then there's the address. Trollshaman, and yet I barely ever talk about my shaman, nor do I even play him much. Thinking about it, it's a pretty stupid address.

Now what?
I don't really know what to do. I thought Trollpaladin would make a better address, and it is available last I checked (checking involved for a very short time having a new address). It's not great, but at least it gets across the general paladin idea without totally restricting it to paladins, seeing as they can't be trolls.

For a title, I don't know what to do at all. I'm reluctant to go with something class-related since that's restrictive. I also tend to not read class blogs because they bore me. Oh hey, comments on the class I already play (or don't play and don't care about the latest news about), so what's new? That came off with far more condescension than intended.

I thought of some other ideas, but they tended to be lame or potentially offensive.
Bi-Spectual Hybrid: A role is a role.
Altitis is the Leading Cause of Reroll
A Paladin Killed My Shaman (this one is actually very true, my paladin is the reason my shaman is pretty much just a level 74 DE alt)

What's a blogger to do? Even if I did think of a good name, changing the address might wreck all the links to my blog. At last count I saw three, and one might be wishful thinking. Two broken links is serious business. My name, Klepsacovic isn't taken. Why didn't I just use that in the first place?

Incidentally my paladin is having another identity crisis since hitting things with an axe is a bit addictive, but I'm supposed to be prot (my paladin is loosely modeled after a paladin I saw years back in some PvP videos, back when reckoning was powerful).


LarĂ­sa said...

I don't think the blog name is such a big deal, really. Yours is a little bit odd but I don't think about it. I already think about your place as "that guy Klepsacovic who I like so much".
After a while, when you get to know a blogger, you see beyond all those crazy names where you don't get the idea.

If you REALLY suffer from it, go ahead and change (as quick as possible, since I suspect that your audience is growing). Klepsacovic, why not. It's as good as anything else...

But content owns everything. Layout, blog name... You've got it already. Don't forget that.

Green Armadillo said...

I wouldn't be that worried about losing traffic to a name change - most people who have you blogrolled will update your feed address pretty quickly, and you can get everyone else with a big shiny "I've moved" post at the top of the current site.

That said, I don't know that there's anything wrong with your current name. It tells a prospective reader something about the way that you think, and definitely stands out from the pack when you're trying to remember what exactly the blog is called.

Darraxus said...

I love the sub-title of your blog. I never really read it before and it made me LoL.

Kiryn said...

You know, I've been reading your blog from my Google Reader for so long with it labeled simply "Klepsacovic" that I'd completely forgotten what your blog was called. "Something about troll shamans," I thought to myself. I had to actually visit the website again to remember.

And ha, I never saw that little subtitle either ^_^ That's awesome.

WTFspaghetti said...

I like it.

Its the only reason why I came to your site in the first place. The title drew me in...

So I say keep it

Christian said...

I agree with Darraxus. I read the subtitle of the blog every time I come to the site, just because it makes me giggle.

And cry. Lame ass trolls. =(

Hana said...

I came over after I saw your comments at Flash of Moonfire and I have to say that I laughed when I read the blog name (and especially the subtitle underneath it!)

I don't know if the name matters too much. I ended up with mine with the "brilliant" idea of combining Moonfire and Flash of Light because they were spells from my two classes.

In retrospect Holy Moonfire might have gotten the paladin end across a bit better...

Klepsacovic said...

Based on comments, I think I'll keep the title as it is. It seems to work. Thanks for all the responses.

The subtitle, I must admit, isn't my own creation. I saw a few ASCII spam threads and one of them was a troll saying something like "I'm regenerating 5hp and there's nothing you can do about it." I liked the sound of it, though I wish I could think of something for our leet throwing weapon skills.

@Hana Based on the title I thought your blog was only about druids, but the post I saw listed looked interesting. Few things are perfect; I used to think Big Red Kitty was about a feral druid.

Fish said...

I always thought the name of your blog was hilarious in a sarcastic way. If there's one thing troll racials AREN'T it's overpowered.

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