Where is the Any Key?

| Tuesday, February 12, 2008
The Internet has a serious lack of strangers posting their opinions anonymously, so I'm going to do my part to fill that gap.

My name is Klepsacovic and I am a Troll Shaman. This is no longer my main, but it is the name I identify with so it is what I will use. My main is a blood elf paladin named Kelpsacovic. I'd run out of semi-creative names and people tended to misspell my name this way anyway.

I'm prot in PvE, farming Karazhan and Gruul's Lair. In PvP I spec ret, being maybe a little better than average. I wouldn't call myself casual or hardcore. They mean totally different things to different people, so they are worthless for communication. Great terms for trolling though.

If I did have to classify myself, I'd say I play a lot, I'm knowledgeable about the game, and I have ambitions beyond my current content. In the event that I wanted to deflect responsibility for my current position, I'd say I am where I am because this is where my friends are. I don't mourn my position, I don't see much point in being more advanced but with people I don't know and don't care about. It's people like that who cause drama and tear apart guilds and that's something I want no part of. I've done the anonymous raiding thing pre-BC and a little post-BC; it's just not as much fun.

Good night and remember that Eye for an Eye is only 30% as overpowered as whatever just hit you.


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