Oh the Contrast

| Wednesday, February 13, 2008
My paladin did heroic SH today. From the warlock to Kargath was 10-15 minutes. Nice quick five badges overall and some people got the Trial of the Naaru quest done. In other words, lots of pwnage.

My shaman has terrible enhancement gear, so PvP should provide some big upgrades. But who wants to PvP in crap gear with a crap PvP spec? So I went resto. I'd remembered being pretty tough in the past, able to take a good beating. I guess that was two arena seasons ago and before hunters got dispel on arcane shot. It was humbling. About all I stood a chance against were rogues.

I don't think I regret shelving my shaman for my paladin. Sure, I prefer resto to holy, but I don't like healing all that much anyway. In PvE I prefer to tank, something shamans cannot do. In PvP I prefer the greater durability of my paladin; my shaman can only come close as resto and in that case I lose my ability to kill people in seconds. Still, I do wish I'd not fallen so far behind. I suppose WotLK will give a clean slate.

In memory.


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