Proof that science is smarter than religion

| Monday, January 23, 2012
Ask a priest a question for which he has no real answer and he'll answer "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Ask a scientist a question for which he has no real answer and he'll start writing grant proposals.

The Vatican might be pretty neat, but it has no particle accelerators.

In unrelated news, classes start today.


sam said...

I don't know. An intelligent priest would tell you we don't know. Which is what the answer above really is. An intelligent scientist will tell you the same thing. I don't know but lets try to find out.

It's the stupid people of faith and science that break things. People that expect thier faith to have all the answers and scientist that love to talk in absolutes and accept no fuzzy grey things that challenge their black and white world.

For example in 8th grade I saw a lighting bolt come down about 3 feet off the ground and for whatever reason just not ground out. Scared me to death. Then I was really excited. Went to school and told my science teacher. He told me "thats not possible. lighting would have grounded out if it got that close to the ground." I walked out of his class sadly wiser now understanding that being a science teacher didn't mean you were open minded.

Don't blame religion. Blame closed minded bigots. Some of the bigots are atheist scientists. The common denominator is they are always human. It's very sloppy logic to blame the organization or belief. Blame the idiots who perpetuate the stupidity not the organizations they overrun.

Klepsacovic said...

I was really just trying to make a joke about scientists "being smarter" by asking for money. But if we're going to go along the serious route, consider that the major monotheistic faiths already have all their knowledge (Torah, Bible, Koran) and are therefore limited in their potential growth from here, while science has not even finished reading it's own book of knowledge (the universe) and doesn't even know the entire language yet, so it is inevitably going to be more open to finding new ideas and information.

Tesh said...

Well, sure, if you accept a closed canon and sealed heavens. Not all theology does. (And not all scientists have open minds; "the science is settled", anyone?)

It's been my experience that the best minds in either religion or science are simply seeking truth. They just have faith in different things; religion asks for faith in the divine, science asks for faith in humanity.

...but yeah, the Vatican totally needs a particle accelerator.

Klepsacovic said...

In regard to the science being settled, I'd agree with it for certain areas, but with the caveat "until we develop better measurements and new forms of mathematics."

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