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| Thursday, February 3, 2011
My headset broke. Now I want a new one. Nothing fancy, just something that can put sound in both ears and a mic near my mouth so that I can put my pointless chatter in other ears. A volume controller on the cord would be nice, as would a really really long cord.

The behind the ears design is simply a bad design. The connector breaks too easily, since it's essentially a very small bit of plastic getting repeatedly stressed anytime I take my headset on or off. Then the wire gets worn out leading to the sound getting intermitent before I finally just tear the thing apart and throw it into another room. Apparently starting my birthday by shoveling until my fingers stop hurting, then doing it again, then taking a cold hour train ride to be half an hour late for an open house for a master's in public policy when it's 9 degrees out and windy, then taking the same ride back, puts me in a bad mood. On the bright side, I might someday take part in writing your tax code, so be glad that I will apply the same precise language and short, to-the-point structure of my blog, to your taxes.


JThelen said...

Something from plantronics is probably right up your alley. The Audio.655 has volume on the headset itself, plus the mic mutes when it's not lowered, and it's USB for your convenience. $30 on Amazon right now.

Syl said...

welcome to my world. i've been searching for 'teh headset' for some years now, I always end up with some cheap logitech instead of the fancier looking steelseries and co. somehow the simple ones are still the best - and they don't give me headaches.

Nat said...

I have always used, and been deliriously happy with, Sennheiser headsets. I find them extremely robust with good clarity. The model I have (admittedly a very old one now, but it goes to show how long they can survive becoming projectile during raids...) has the volume adjust and long cord you're after. I'm sure there's something similar or better now:



Mike ... said...

I picked up my current headset from Target, ~$20. It has a volume control on the cord and the cord is long enough for me to trip over. I only use it when I need the mic, so it doesn't get used a whole lot but I've had it almost two years. Works fine for me.

Don't remember the make, sorry.

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