Blog Rules

Here are my new blog rules. They replace the old blog rules, which I'm pretty sure do not exist.

1) Don't be a douchebag.
2) No trolling unless it's funny or adds a new angle.
3) I reserve the exclusive right to flame people.
4) Don't be stupid. It looks like trolling.

Things I will do out of courtesy:
To keep down spam I will super-delete comments which have already been deleted by the writer. I leave the "this message has been deleted" on most comments that I delete; I feel people have the right to know that I have deleted something.

Anonymous posting is allowed. While I cannot imagine why you'd need the privacy of it, I believe strongly in the right of people to write honestly without fear of backlash. Don't abuse this right; that's what makes governments try to take it away.

There is no word verification because that causes problems for some people.

Comments are not moderated until a post is older than 14 days. This is an anti-spam measure.

Things which I'd claim hurt me more than they hurt you if I was your father:
Comments which I feel break the rules, either written or arbitrarily made up on the spot, will be deleted. In some cases I will make a copy of the deleted comment, so if for some reason you want it back, feel free to email me and I can send it to you. In the case of flame wars: the "this comment has been deleted" gets spammy, so I will instead permanently delete and attempt to post something witty in response, however wittiness is not a mandatory condition of my closing comment.

I wish to keep an open format here so that people can join in what I hope is productive and entertaining discussion.
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