What's there to complain about?

| Sunday, October 19, 2014
I love a good complain. Change anything and I bet I can complain about it. And that's why the pre-warlords patch has me so angry. I'm at a loss for legitimate complaints. Oh sure, I have a few, but it's just not enough for a frothy-mouthed rage.

As might be expected, I'm a bit peeved about the switching of UBRS. And at first I found it to be terribly boring. Then I remembered an old pet peeve: people who watch TV while playing: paying no attention, making mistakes without even noticing), and generally making me wonder why they're even logged in. I'd become one of those people.

Pausing Netflix, I turned the sound back on, and focused on the game. Suddenly I could heard what I'd been missing, and generally notice. I pulled more carefully, rewired the gun turrets to help us, and soaked in as much fun as I could. Turns out, there's actually a bit of fun to be had. Maybe when it isn't half an instance I'll enjoy it more. In the meantime, it's nice to run a place where I can actually die if I play badly. I need to remember to bring my ring from LBRS to see if I can get a second Vael.

On the other hand, I like how the weird squish-non-squish has screwed up the already-broken tuning of old raids. Everything dies as if it were meant to be soloed, perhaps because Blizzard realized that people are typically running these solo or in small groups. I wouldn't say they're "tuned" for that, not in the sense that they're remotely challenging for such groups. It was fun to be able to just run straight into some of these places and knock them out without trying to rally friends to the cause, what with their annoying habits of having lives outside of outdated raids.

The invasion event was mildly interesting, though also almost an exact copy-paste between Alliance and Horde. Oh no, my filler content wasn't carefully customized for each faction! At this point the Iron Horde seems somewhat generic, but it probably doesn't help that I've seen literally nothing about the expansion outside of the game and whatever I saw on wowhead while looking for UBRS loot.

People in trade are mad about the squish, or some ability being removed, or... something or other. It's an enlightened bunch. Someone claims the squish ruined everything. As best as I can tell, in practical terms nothing changed, except that my Thunderfury, due to a fully-powered proc, seems to work just fine. (I got buffed! Wee!) I am still in the habit of trying to refresh Inquisition. I asked in trade if hunters still need mana; someone replied that they never needed mana. Jokes are wasted on some people.

I'm glad to have an enchanter; strange dust is selling well in pairs, thanks to the Fire and Poetry event, though I'm guessing that will slow down as people finish the quest. And then pick up again as people realize they haven't finished the quest.

Trolls look weird when they run.


vinciblegod said...

The noun form of "complain" is "complaint". As in "I love a good complaint." Unless you are referencing broken English on purpose like "all your base are belong to us."

Also, I found the preexpansion event seriously underwhelming. I guess I should have expected this as the only one I like was the one from wotlk.

Klepsacovic said...

Complain: noun - A cultural or personal ritual composed of the imagining and sharing of complaints.

vinciblegod said...

I did not know this. That is confusing.

Anonymous said...

I'm reasonably happy with the pre-patch. The expansion itself is another matter, but that's a rant for another time. I thought the event was very underwhelming, but I wasn't expecting much, so I'm not much disappointed.

Being able to solo ALL of the things is a bit strange, but it's nice to be able to work on some legacy legendaries. I like it. I have mixed feelings on the new character models, but I think the good probably outweighs the bad. I like the stat squish, despite it briefly breaking low level content.

Only thing I'm a bit upset about is some of the class changes. The warlock patch notes, for instance, might as well have read, "It was determined that warlocks had become one of the most fun classes in the game. This has been corrected."

Also, I'm new to the comment system on Blogspot, so if this randomly gets posted more than once, I apologize.

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