Everything's better with sewers

| Friday, May 3, 2013
Sewers are great things.  Rather than all our waste of various disgusting sorts just sitting in the street and carving little paths along the side of the road, it instead goes underground.  From there it is moved away to a treatment plant that turns it into something much less toxic.  The result is less disease and less ugly filth.  They're a hallmark of civilization.

They're also pretty nifty in a lack of civilization too.  They're sometimes deep underground and can make half-decent bomb shelters (this is not war-surviving advice).  They can be somewhat clean, since they're designed to move the waste away, and once civilization falls there won't be much waste anyway.  Since they connect so many places, they're like underground highways, giving shelter and conveyance.  This is handy when the surface is irradiated and filled with hostile creatures and people.  Like in Fallout.

I'd played Fallout: New Vegas for a decent bit of time.  I thought I had it more or less figured out.  You've got some vaults over there, deathclaws over there, and of course Roman Mormons over there.  They get a little more aggressive after the apocalypse.

I was wrong!  I was stupid.  I'd played Oblivion and Skyrim and I knew that those were seemingly endless.  Fallout 3 held endless wonders and horrors.  Yet somehow I thought New Vegas would be a nice little package.  Silly me.

Not only had I missed at least one vault, I'd not discovered that there are sewers!  Glorious sewers!  Sewers filled with giant rats and ghouls!  One does not simply walk into a sewer.  One crouches down and explores every last bit of filth, for who knows what might be down there?  As I lay in bed contemplating the mysteries of the world I realized: there was a locked door and I might have found the key.  Or maybe something totally unrelated.  More mystery!

I'm not as much of a fan of caves.  Caves are messy, irregular places, shaped by chaos.  They're natural, but not edible or green, merely hard rock that has taken a long time to get this way and with the help of the mean creatures that live in caves, is going to keep you from changing it.  Caves are mean and only like water and time, though they'll eat anything else.


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